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2020 08 23 (15)

Linda O’Hara

I am a full-time teacher and part-time coach passionate about lifelong learning and committed to ongoing personal development. As a professionally qualified Personal, Leadership & Executive Coach my coaching style can easily be tailored to your individual needs.

I am highly qualified in the fields in which I work professionally:
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership & Executive Coaching (Kingstown College)
  • Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing (Kingstown College) 
  • Advanced Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching (Kingstown College) 
  • Bachelor of Religious Science with English (Mater Dei Institute of Education)
  • Master of Education (The Open University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in French (University of London) 

I am a member of both the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the EMCC (European Mentoring, Coaching Council) and practise according to their professional Codes of Ethics. 

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The Life Tally Approach

Life Tally Coaching recognises the pressures that come with living life to the full, and that many people are overwhelmed simply as a result of constantly doing more. 

Our approach invites you to narrow your focus to examine what is actually happening in your  life. Essentially, it is an opportunity to take stock, and perhaps unsubscribe from what is no longer serving you. 

What Makes Us different

What’s different about Life Tally Coaching is that where you currently are is the starting point. This is not a pre-packaged solution to a problem I don’t even know yet. The first step is identifying what, if anything,  you need to adjust.

Meet Tally

Tally is in many ways the inspiration behind Life Tally Coaching. Her attitude to life contrasts very positively with that of so many humans. Tally’s life is much smaller and simpler than that of a human, and she thrives in a way many humans do not.

As humans, we can learn a lot from animals and Tally provides us with daily evidence of that. In today’s world where there are so many pressures to fill life to the full, Life Tally Coaching offers an opportunity to opt-out of any excess in order to more fully enjoy what remains.

Our Services:

  • Life Tally Workshop 
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Life Tally Workplace Workshop

* Please contact us to register your interest, and we will be in touch with further information and details of upcoming availability.


Life Tally Workshop

A Life Tally Workshop is for you if:
  • you would embrace a pause in order to look more closely at your life
  • you know you want to make changes, yet do not know where to start
  • you frequently resolve to change, without actually implementing it

A Life Tally Workshop is a time-efficient approach to putting your own life under the microscope. You’ll gain clarity and identify ways to generate time and energy.  During the workshop you will increase your awareness of what is actually happening in your life, and leave the session having identified and committed to 2-3 concrete changes. Workshops take place via the Zoom platform so you can participate in the comfort of your own home. You will be guided through a series of exercises, and since it is a very personal experience no interaction or sharing is required. (In contrast to coaching, the workshop consists only of one-way communication.)

One-to-One Life Tally Coaching Sessions

A one-to-one Life Tally Coaching session is for you if:
    • living life to the full has become overwhelming
    • you need to review the roles and responsibilities you have taken on
    • you want to adjust your schedule to create additional time 
    • you are ready for change and prepared to work to bring it about 
    • you would benefit from some accountability to keep you focused and motivated on your action plan

Sessions can take place face-to-face, by video call or voice call.
We will discuss a coaching contract prior to your first session, which we will both sign, having agreed upon our individual responsibilities in the coaching relationship.
It is important that clients schedule their sessions for when they feel they would most benefit, so I am open to whatever works best, subject to my own availability. Early booking is advised, especially if you have a strong preference for a specific slot.

Life Tally Workplace Workshop

A Life Tally Workplace Workshop is for you and your colleagues if:
    • staff wellbeing is a priority at your workplace
    • you are prepared to offer your staff a pause to evaluate where they are in their lives
    • you are open to hearing what, if anything, could change to improve staff wellbeing at your workplace

Life Tally Workplace Workshops take place at the end of the working week so that staff have the weekend to reflect on the experience. Comments and observations volunteered by staff during the workshop will be compiled into an information sheet for the whole group.


Curious to know more?

Book a no-strings-attached initial consultation.

During a free 30-minute session, we will look at the different aspects of your life as identified by you. You’ll give each one a tally or a total, and classify them according to where the shifts and changes most need to occur for you to enjoy a more enhanced life.

Is this really a no-strings-attached session?

Yes, this session is absolutely free and no additional purchase is required. After working out your own individual Life Tally, you may decide that you are entirely at peace with what is happening in your life, and feel no need to make any changes. Alternatively, you might like to proceed with coaching sessions. 

What People Say About Us

At Life Tally Coaching client confidentiality is paramount. Equally, our client input is critical to ensure we best serve our clients. In requesting testimonials we guarantee your anonymity by inviting you to identify yourself solely through characteristics such as gender, industry, location, age group.

I found the sessions hugely beneficial and the progress from our first session to the most recent is evidenced by my growth in confidence and self-belief. It allowed for a period of reflection to gain greater clarity on my career and creative goals. I felt heard and listened to. You engaged so fully with my world even though it was one you weren't fully familiar with. 

Female, mid-40s,  Creative Industry

Linda's friendly and genuinely nice personality built instant trust. Her deep questioning and genuine curiosity helped me dig deep into where I felt blocked. She also fed back what she was hearing, creating more self-awareness for me. This helped me enormously. I managed to really define what my goal is and move much further towards it. I would not be where I am today without Linda's support, kindness and coaching. 


I have hugely benefited from these sessions. What I felt helped me the most was Linda's ability to listen and her ability to give me feedback. Even through the difficult topics, we could still share a laugh and for me, that made a big difference. I feel Linda has a very intuitive nature and believe she got a real sense of me. Linda's manner is respectful and caring. I always feel comfortable talking with her and I have great trust in what we are doing together.

name withheld

Quote of the Month

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffet

Get in Touch:

Email: Linda@LifeTallyCoaching.com

Phone: +353 87 994 4152

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